International Tax Compliance

US International Tax Advisors provide expert tax advice and services to clients across the United States and throughout the world. Our advisors have deep expertise in international tax compliance, litigation & investigations, international business consulting and information storage services.

Our understanding of complex tax laws and reporting regulations around the globe make US International Tax Advisors the preferred choice for clients who want guidance and direction that is specific to their needs.

Our team of attorneys, CPAs and financial professionals counsel individuals, trusts, estates and companies on issues related to international tax compliance, FBAR, FATCA, IRS voluntary disclosure and amnesty programs. We serve clients both in the United States and overseas, including foreign nationals residing in the U.S. and American citizens working or residing in other countries.

Whether it is participating in voluntary disclosure for an individual taxpayer, smoothing the way into a tax amnesty program, or resolving an issue related to overseas earnings for a corporation, we can help. Our team of experts have successfully helped hundreds of clients navigate the complexities of international tax compliance matters across the United States, and around the world.

Strong relationships within the IRS and connections in all major tax jurisdictions in Europe, Asia, South America and Africa give us the ability to effectively manage tax compliance and, when necessary, litigation of tax disputes. You’ll find no better advocate and supporter when it comes to international tax compliance and foreign bank account reporting nationally in the US or worldwide.

A Growing Challenge
Requires a Specialized Focus

They’re watching. Increased scrutiny and data sharing among tax authorities around the globe has created an environment in which expatriates, foreign nationals, and individuals and companies conducting business across international borders have come under much more intense review. The mission of US International Tax Advisors is threefold:

  • To anticipate, identify and quantify tax and foreign account related problems that our clients may face
  • To help our clients avoid tax compliance issues while protecting their assets through thoughtful planning
  • To achieve the most favorable resolution of tax compliance disputes that arise on a federal and international level

Because our focus at US International Tax Advisors is exclusively on cross-border tax and financial disclosure issues, we can provide you advice and guidance that is based on the very latest information, regulations and compliance requirements. Our counsel has helped clients to resolve both U.S. and offshore tax disputes, brought clients into compliance with foreign bank account reporting (FBAR) and Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) reporting requirements, and assisted clients who participate in the IRS voluntary disclosure program.

A Full Range of International
Tax Compliance Services

The scope of services delivered by US International Tax Advisors encompasses all aspects of foreign tax compliance associated with doing business globally. Clients turn to us for results in:

  • International Tax Compliance – Including strategic planning and tactical action steps for Foreign Bank Account Reporting (FBAR), Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), IRS Voluntary Disclosure programs, and the 2014 Tax Amnesty Program.
  • Litigation & Investigations – If attempts at a negotiated resolution fail you can count on us for support and guidance through any litigation that results. We fight – hard – for you.
  • International Business Consulting – Making the right moves up front can save time and money solving problems later. We can help make doing business overseas simpler and safer.
  • Information Storage Services – Managing and protecting documents and data can be the key to meeting compliance requirements. We can help you with both paper and digital storage both domestically and overseas.

Assistance with International Tax Compliance Across the Globe

If you find yourself facing an issue with international taxation, foreign account tax compliance, or foreign bank account reporting anywhere across the globe, you need to call a competent tax advisor. Call us at (844) 796-8565. Or simply complete our convenient online contact form to begin the process of resolving even the toughest tax compliance issue.

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