We Solve International
Tax Compliance Problems

US International Tax Advisors provides a broad set of services to help individuals, estates, trusts and companies alike navigate difficult tax and compliance issues. Our clients come to us from all parts of the globe. The combination of our expertise and strong relationships with the IRS and major tax jurisdictions make us a strong partner and advocate for our clients.

Working with our team gives you significant advantages over less experienced attorneys and consultants who may claim international tax compliance expertise, but in reality focus on other areas of law & taxation.

Here are six reasons to choose US International Tax Advisors when you are facing an issue of international tax compliance and IRS voluntary disclosure:

  1. Our professionals are among the most experienced legal and financial minds in the country, with extensive connections in the federal tax community including working closing with officials at the IRS
  2. We focus on international tax compliance for individuals and businesses
  3. We have strong overseas representation in Europe, Asia, South America and Africa to assist in dealing with local tax authorities
  4. We can assist with foreign bank account reporting (FBAR), foreign account tax compliance (FATCA), offshore accounts, and the IRS Voluntary Disclosure Program
  5. We have a track record of obtaining favorable results for our clients, often helping them avoid the entanglement of litigation or the expense of tax penalties
  6. Our services also incorporate litigation and investigation, information storage and document management, and international business consulting

Our counsel on international tax compliance and offshore account reporting is current, highly targeted and very effective. We have the ability to turn a crisis situation into a quietly settled “non-event” in an efficient and unobtrusive manner. That’s the kind of representation you need and want when facing a cross-border tax or reporting issue.

International Tax Compliance and IRS Voluntary Disclosure

If you find yourself facing an issue with international taxation, foreign account tax compliance, or foreign bank account reporting, call US International Tax Advisors at (844) 796-8565. Or simply complete our convenient online contact form to begin the process of resolving even the toughest tax compliance issue.

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