Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)

US International Tax Advisors offers effective, full service consulting for FATCA – Foreign Account Tax Compliance throughout the Washington, DC region for U.S. and International clients.

The United States Congress has enacted the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (commonly referred to as FATCA) for the specific purpose of finding U.S. taxpayers who have unreported foreign accounts and income as well as foreign individuals, trusts and companies receiving U.S. income. FATCA requires foreign banks and financial institutions to report accounts held by U.S. taxpayer clients. Likewise, FATCA requires U.S. banks and financial institutions to identify and withhold taxes from payments to foreign recipients. This enhanced “data sharing” across international borders has greatly increased the likelihood of detection for those willfully not reporting foreign accounts. FATCA also affects foreign nationals who are residing or working in the United States.

Due to international tax compliance laws, your overseas bank may have already contacted you about disclosing your account. If they have, you need to speak with an experienced tax professional. Contact US International Tax Advisors as soon as possible.

US International Tax Advisors is among the most experienced FATCA consultants in Chevy Chase, Maryland, and Virginia. We are fully versed in FATCA regulations, and can assist individuals and businesses to ensure they are in compliance with FATCA requirements and filings. Or, for those who may have failed to meet filing requirements, we are prepared to represent you in U.S. Tax Court or U.S. District Court.

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