International Tax Compliance

For international tax compliance in the United States and worldwide, clients trust US International Tax Advisors for targeted, effective advice and guidance.

Efforts by governments to identify tax avoidance are on the rise. Tough regulatory oversight and improved cross-border information sharing has led to increased scrutiny and a growing need to meet the terms of complex and strict compliance laws.

The IRS is committed to finding and prosecuting non-compliant U.S. taxpayers with undisclosed foreign source income and offshore accounts. Increased enforcement of civil and criminal penalties for unfiled Foreign Bank and Financial Account Reports (FBARs), have given the IRS powerful new weapons in their search for undisclosed foreign assets and accounts.

We can help. We provide complete and effective services in international tax compliance for taxpayers, businesses, trusts, estates, and financial institutions. Decades of international tax compliance experience, intimate knowledge of U.S. and foreign tax laws and regulations, and a track record of success with clients of all sizes point to the effectiveness of our advice and representation.

Call Us Now for Help with International Tax Compliance

US International Tax Advisors can assist you in all areas of international tax compliance, including FBAR reporting, 2014 IRS voluntary disclosure and foreign account tax compliance.

If you are facing an international tax issue, make the call to US International Tax Advisors at (844) 796-8565. Or simply complete our convenient online contact form to begin the process of resolving even the toughest tax compliance issue.

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