International Tax Compliance Attorney

Tax regulations and laws are complicated and constantly changing. The US Government is creating agreements with many countries to help the IRS collect tax revenue based on US tax payer income held in overseas bank accounts. For individuals and businesses, this means that you must be vigilant about tax rules, guidelines and laws to stay compliant when maintaining bank accounts outside of the United States.

US International Tax Advisors can help. We are international tax compliance experts and we work with tax attorneys helping clients across the US and internationally. We provide our clients the best guidance as it relates to dealing with changing US tax guidelines and proper reporting of income and overseas bank accounts.

Working with US International Tax Advisors and our tax attorneys can help solve your complicated international tax compliance issues. As the US Government, and in turn the IRS, increases international tax agreements with other governments, overseas banking information associated with US citizens will become increasingly visible to the IRS. If you have an offshore bank account and have been contacted by your bank or the IRS about your accounts, talk to our tax experts and tax attorneys so you understand what steps to take next.

We have extensive experience working with the IRS and resolving complicated international tax issues on behalf of our clients. And the penalties for individuals and businesses that are not tax compliant are severe and could include jail time. Don’t let complicated and changing tax law catch you off guard.

In addition, FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) between the United States and foreign governments has increased enforcement efforts in areas such as anti-money laundering, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), and foreign bank account reporting.

Our experienced team of tax experts advise individuals, companies, banks, trusts and other organizations struggling with international tax law issues. We work with experienced Maryland tax attorneys and our team provides expert international tax planning and tax dispute resolution services. Each international tax attorney we work with has years of experience and a deep skill set providing US International Tax advisors with a team that can handle all types of tax matters, ranging from resolving complex disputes with international banks to counseling clients facing a government investigation of an offshore business or bank account. Our focus is to develop strategies and tactics that manage our clients’ exposure while bringing tax compliance issues to a resolution.

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