IRS Voluntary Disclosure

Are you a U.S. taxpayer, trust or business facing penalties for not reporting overseas accounts? The IRS Voluntary Disclosure Program may offer a way out. You need to speak to an expert and we can help. US International Tax Advisors is a team of experienced tax professionals with years of experience helping people solve difficult tax issues.

If you have an undisclosed foreign bank account, or income from an overseas source that you did not report on your U.S. tax return, you could face serious penalties, including steep financial fines and possible criminal prosecution. However, there is a way for many delinquent taxpayers to avoid the stiffest penalties by voluntarily reporting their non-compliance.

We represent individuals, trusts and estates, and businesses that participate in the IRS voluntary disclosure program, also the U.S. Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP). The U.S. Treasury Department has put in place the OVDP in place to help taxpayers who did not willfully fail to report foreign income or a foreign bank account. Participation in the OVDP can, in many cases, significantly reduce financial penalties.

Our services include investigation, documentation and filing of the necessary tax forms and reports, along with representation to the IRS during the process. We’ve helped many individuals and businesses navigate the IRS voluntary disclosure steps throughout the United States and internationally.

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US International Tax Advisors can help you resolve outstanding tax issues through participation in 2014 IRS Voluntary Disclosure.

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